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Grocery Hammock Bag
Grocery Hammock Bag
Grocery Hammock Bag
Grocery Hammock Bag
Grocery Hammock Bag
Grocery Hammock Bag

Grocery Hammock Bag

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It's okay to have more luggage for shopping! No worries about plastic shopping bags collapsing while driving.

Can be used by hooking on the headrests of the front and rear seats. Can be collapsed and be a simple tote bag.


When you get home, you can remove it from the headrest and unload your groceries in just ONE single trip.


  • Car Storage

Solving the headache of loose clutter in your car, especially after a trip to the supermarket, this Grocery Hammock Bag holds a large amount of storage steadily to carry all your stuff safely home.

  • Easy Installation

Simply place it on the back seat of the car and hook the handle onto the headrest of the front and rear seats.

  • Multi-Functional

Use as a hammock storage in your car, or use as a regular shopping bag, a tote bag.

  • Steady Storage

The baggage in your Grocery Hammock Bag will not pop up while on the road and the eggs will not break even if the number of storage increases rapidly.

  • Eco-Friendly

This ONE Grocery Hammock Bag can be the great solution for the numerous plastic bags and non recyclable shopping bags. 


Size: 30 X 60.5 X 32.5CM

Capacity: 25KG

Color: Black


1x Grocery Hammock Bag

Note: Shipping Time May be 2-4 Weeks Longer Due to High Volume of Orders